Be in it to win it!

Be in it to win it!

By Niel Kenny
15 December 2018
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Winners of the big December prize drawn!

The '200' club drew the prizes for December before the Streatham and Croydon game last week.

The lucky winner of the second prize cheque for £100.00 was Paul Cohen.

The winner of the year's big draw for a prize of £1000.00 was Pete Irwin.

Congratulations to both long standing '200' club members. We hope this adds an extra sparkle to your Christmas.

We are not sure that we still have the correct contact details for Paul and Pete so if any of you can confirm their addresses or phone numbers please contact Graham Brooks who is keen to make sure that both members enjoy their winnings at Christmas.
For any of you who would like to join the '200'at £5.00 per month please contact Graham who will be delighted to set you up for the next draw. All monies go towards capital projects around the club. Recent projects have seen the Gents and Ladies toilets refurbished.

To all who are members of the '200' Club thank you and have a great Christmas.

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