Rugby Honours
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1. Rugby Honours

Rugby Honours Criteria

1. The Player must have played for the 1st XV over a two year period

2. The Player must have played a minimum of 35 games in total for the 1st XV

3. Player’s who achieve 35 games over an extended period must have played a minimum of 5 games for the 1st XV in a season to qualify.

4. Where a player plays less than 5 games for the 1st XV in any given season, those games will not count towards the overall total.

Playing a game is defined as having actually started a game, or come on as a replacement. Matches where players are nominated replacements, but who do not actually play, do not count towards honours. Participation in a game purely as a blood replacement, will not count towards honours.

The 1st XV Captain may nominate to the committee, for their agreement, an individual or individuals who do not meet the criteria, but whom he considers merits discretionary honours. The Captains discretion will only be used in very exceptional circumstances, and the committee will not unreasonably withhold their approval of his recommendation.

Rugby Honours
Steve Alvarez
Jon Ames
Nigel Bird
Ollie Booth
Jim Brannigan
Steve Brown
Ruairi Carson
Tom Casey
Richard Cebreiro
Jim Clink
John Cox
Martin Cripps
Paul Crocker
Tim Curtis
Richard Cutbill
Ollie Davis
Joseph Dilieto
Pete Doyle
Charlie Fisher
Ben Grundman
Padraig Hickey
Anthony Henrys
Paul Hobden
Phil Jones
Scott Kerr
Dan Liedecker
Mike Lorraine
Neil Leather
Tom Leather
Andy MacHugh (H)
Liam Miles
Miles Murphey
Kev McNally
Nick Owen
Luke O'Shea (H)
Bob Scarborough
David Sia
Alan Sillitto
Denis Singleton
Stuart Sorrell
Tom Sullivan
Simon Thelwell
Ryan Tracey
Mike Tuke
Tom White
Brian Williams
Nick Wilson
Julian Wilson
Ben Wiseman
Simon Witham