200 Club Prize Draw

200 Club Prize Draw

PJF 200 Club Prize Draw

The 200 Club is the clubs monthly prize draw. The draw is made each month with a prize draw amount of £100 and a Christmas draw of £1000.

Each numbered ball is £5 per month paid by Direct Debit, and a club member can own as many balls as they want. To enter the draw visit the Payments Page of the website and sign up. For more information contact Graham Brooks.

200 Club Winners

Season 2009/10Season 2010/11Season 2011/12
SeptemberBob ScarboroughJohn ReeveDominic O'Shea
OctoberBob Scarborough (again)Russell CrumplinSimon Witham
NovemberMartin PerkinsDave LorraineDave Tidy
DecemberLaura SweetmanSean O'ReillyNick Wilson
JanuaryRichard PaulLaura SweetmanHarry Flower
FebruaryTom KennyDave TidyNick Wilson (again)
MarchBrian EatonMike TidyPeter Budge
AprilOllie DavisRichard PaulJohn Crumplin
MayDominic O'SheaRussell CrumplinTim Curtis
JuneLuke O'SheaRalph OsborneDave Hastings
JulyJohn ReeveAndy MacHughBrian Tarpey
AugustIan BakerDerek BerryManny Cohen
Season 2012/13 Season 2013/14Season 2014/15
SeptemberManny Cohen Martin Perkins Peter Budge
OctoberJoe AbbottTracey AllenJohn Reeve
NovemberMike KerriganDerek BerryTracey Allen
DecemberKeith HempsteadNick CrumplinSteve Bruck
JanuaryHayden HartSean O'Reilly.
FebruaryMartin CrippsPeter Budge.
MarchSean HayesDavid Hastings.
AprilDouglas FlowerJoe Dilieto.
MayNick WilsonJohn Wright.
JuneSimon ThelwellColin Benson.
JulyMike BonsierBrenden Foster.
AugustDave HastingsLouis Campbell.